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Gallery Brain Awareness Week 2024

From 11-16 March 2024 we organised Brain Awareness Week in Rotterdam 🧠

It was an exciting week, with days dedicated to different target audiences - kids, high school students, elderly, families, and adults - and activities ranging from interactive workshops to seminars, laboratory tours, brain dissections, and multiple lectures held by professionals in the field.

Our aim with Brain Awareness Week was to inform people about different topics in neuroscience and show how applicable neuro can be to many domains of life. To the broad public, neuroscience often seems overwhelmingly complex, unfortunately demotivating people to engage with it. But neuroscience encompasses topics such as neuro health, disease prevention, and mind control - that are eventually faced by everyone. Moreover, we hosted many research groups and professionals sharing inspiring insights into their cutting-edge clinical work.

We are proud to announce that we successfully implemented our wide range of activities, reaching many people from all paths of life. With months of work leading up to Brain Awareness Week, it has truly been an insanely rewarding experience to finally see the project take place. I want to especially thank Anderson Mora Cortes without whom this project would not have been possible as well as the amazing women in the team of Brain Awareness Week 2024!

Check here some of the nice pictures from the BAW-2024!

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